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Barnwood Kentucky Knife Holder

Step 1.

Choose the design/shape of your Knife Holder:

We have made these in other states, off a photo of someone's favorite mountain or with rustic live edges. See our examples below of other ones we have done. 

Step 2.

Brick Pattern Knife Holder


Choose the Pattern you would like :

Brown Barnwood Knife Holder


Knife Options

For Holders larger than 14" W x 6" tall we may have to use extra magnets. There is an extra charge for more magnets.

Choose the wood you would like us to use:

Wood Options-2022.png

If you want to add Stain to your holder- Smooth Wood Options Only

NEW STAIN 22 (1).png

Step 3.

Choose if you would like to have it engraved: 

Please choose the font you would like us to use.

* If you have a specific font type you would like us to use please put the name when ordering . We will send you a preview of your text and a mock up to make sure you like it. Please note that the mock ups are just mock ups and the wood we use or color may vary.

Engraving Font.png
Engraving Font.png

Font Options

Knife Process
Engraving Options Command Centers

Font Color Choices

Mock Up

What to expect after you order:

Once we receive your order we will send you a progress photo when we have  built,  before we ship it. If you have choose to have it engraved we will send an engraving mock up that we require your approval before we cut it. 


For taller or wider knife holders we may need to add an extra row of magnets for better hold. We will let you know if we do. Extra cost may apply.

Some of the Knife Holders we have done:

Here are some examples of other Knife holders we have done. 

Southern Charm Woodworks Intellectial Property
Finished Knife Holders
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