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Custom Rollerbottle Holder

Guide for Ordering one of our

Custom Essential Oil Holder

Step 1.

Choose the size hole you would like for your Essential Oil Holder:

Custom Essential Oil Holder, Oil Block, Cannibis Oil Display

For Mix in Sizes please let us know what size bottles you would like.




Mix of Sizes

We can make these with any size holes you need.  Contact us regarding whole orders.

Step 2.

Choose what pattern you would like your oil holder to have:

Create your own essential oil holder

Single Row

Two Row Staggered

Two Row Straight

Three Row Staggered

Four Rows 


Domino Pattern


(Your Choice Any Combination)

Step 3.

Choose how tall you would like your oil holder to be:

Rollerball Holder

3" Tall

2" Tall

2.5" Tall

Custom Essential Oil Holder, Oil Block, Cannibis Oil Display

1" Tall

Step 4.

Choose how many holes  you would like:

Choose the Amount of Holes you would like. We can make these any size or combination.

Step 5.

Choose the hole depth you would like you bottles to be:

Copy of Essential Oil Holders Guide Dept

          1   2   3   4   5   6

1. 2.5" Deep Bottle Under the wood

2. 2" Deep

3.1.5" Deep

4. 1" Deep

5. 3/4" Deep

6. 1/2" Deep

Step 6.

Choose your Finish:

Doterra Oil Holder
NEW STAIN 22 (1).png

Optional Stain Color Choices

Stained Example

Natural Wood, Beeswax Finish. Not Stained.

Step 7.

Choose What Wood Tone you would like us to use:

Essential Oil Display Holder

Brown Wood Tones

Mixed Wood Tones

Blonde Wood Tones

Red Wood Tones

Step 8.

Choose How Much Characteristic or Markings you would like the wood to have:

Essential Oil Display Holder





Medium Heavy

Step 9.

Choose if you would like your holder to be engraved with your logo or name

We are now offering engraving on our Essential Oil Holders. 

We can get them engrave with a logo, name, company name, or image . 

For Large orders, or group pricing please message us and we can give you a price. 


We will send you an mock-up before we cut your holder and a photo before we ship it. 


Stained Slate with Painted Logo



Stained Holder with Painted Logo

Clear Finish on Holder with Painted Logo

Stained Holder with  Clear Finish Logo

Clear Finish on Holder & Logo





All of the wood we use is 100% reclaimed and it will show natural  characteristics,  indentations, knots, markings, worm holes, or other natural marbling marks. If you do not want a lot of markings please let us know you want limited markings. Other examples of markings  are shown.   We can send you a photo of the wood we plan on using  so you 

can see the markings  before we cut it upon request.

What to expect after you order:

Once we receive your order we will send you a progress photo before we ship your oil holder.We do ask for your approval on the progress photo before we ship it.

Some of the Oil Holders we have done:

Here are some examples of other charging stations we have done. Inspiration to see how stain colors look and other pattern examples. See our Essential Oil Instagram account for the latest holders we have done.

Custom Essential Oil Holder
Custom Essential Oil Holder
Custom Essential Oil Holder
Essential Oil Holders page 5
Custom Essential Oil Holder
_Essential Oil Holders page 6.png
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