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faux slotted staged engraved.png

Choose the pattern for your Sink Tray:

Step 1.

_SCW Sink Tray Ordering Guide photo (1).

Solid Plank


Faux Slots

Sink Tray Engravng Spots.png
Sink Tray Engravng Spots.png
Sink Tray Engravng Spots.png
Sink Tray Engravng Spots.png
Sink Tray Engravng Spots.png
Sink Tray Engravng Spots.png







Sink Tray Engravng Spots.png
Rectangle Sink Tray

Step 2.

Measure the sink that will be used

Sink Tray Measurements

A. The inside of the sink measurement

B. The outside of the sink measurement

Southern Charm Woodworks

Step 3.

Base Type

slotted stage.png




Southern Charm Woodworks

Southern Charm Woodworks

We do not recommend slotted with solid base. Choose faux slotted if you would like that look.

Step 4.

Choose what wood tones you would like us to use:

We do not stain or paint the different color woods before we build it. We build the trays with different color natural woods and either stain the tray as a whole after it is built or add just the clear finish to them., Bath Tray Wine Holder, Bathtub tray wine glass, relax in the tub

Mixed Woods

Brown Woods

Red Woods

Blonde Woods

Rectangle Sink Tray

We can use a mix of any of these

if you want a gray color choose blonde and gray stain

Step 5.

Choose any Optional Upgrade you would like to add:

NEW STAIN 22 (1).png


Engraving for your Sink Tray:

To add engraving to your tray this is our process and what you can expect. We will send you choices for the placement, and font before we start.  We can engrave any letters or saying to your tray. Message us for prices, 

Choose if you would like to have your sink tray engraved:

Engraving Font.png

Font choices. Since there are so many fonts please choose, script, straight font, or tell us what font name you want.

( If you have a font you like to use)

approval Sink Tray

We send you an approval Photo of the layout before we cut it.

Solid engraved stage3.png

Solid with engaving

faux slotted staged engraved.png

faux slotted with engraving. 

Choices for the engraving locations

Any of the straight pieces, on any of the trays can be engraved. Here are some examples.

Sink Tray Engravng Spots.png

What to expect after you order:

Once we receive your order we will send you a progress photo before we ship the tray.  If you have chosen to have it stained we will send you a stain update photo. We do ask for your approval on the satin color to make sure it is how you want it. Please check your messages.

Bottom Feet:

We add secure bottom feet/base to our trays. The feet will sit on the inside of your sink.  

Care for your Tray:

We recommend to use a natural beeswax to condition your tray, once a month. We use Howards-feed-n-wax. It can be found at your local hardware store or online.

Some of the Sink Trays we have done:

Here are some examples of other sink trays we have done. 

_Finished Sink Trays (1).png
Southern Charm Woodworks Intellectial Property
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