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About Us

About us

About Us

We Make Custom Home Decor From Reclaimed Wood.

Thank you for Stopping by our Shop, and choosing to support our handmade items. We appreciate you checking out our custom home decor. 

We are a family run shop that loves to make home decor from reclaimed wood. We hope you love reclaimed and re-purposed wood as much as we do. We make luxury Bath Trays, Essential Oil Holders, Command Centers, Serving Trays, Furniture, Charging Stations, Cookbook Holders and more. Some of our products are made to order with your specifications designed for you. All of our Bath Tray are "the original" Tub Tray Custom made with Patterns. They are all handmade to fit your tub.

Our Bath Trays are our signature Item. To view some of the bath trays we have done, along with some of the stain colors we have used please visit our Website       Our pieces are made from reclaimed wood they will have distinctive characteristics, natural knots, blemish's, and no two pieces will look exactly the same.

If you have a custom order, wholesale order or something you would like us to make, we would be happy to help achieve the piece you desire. Please do not hesitate to message us if you have any questions on your order or if you have any questions regarding any of our products. 

Be sure to checkout more deals and announcements Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed on the latest giveaways and discounts. 

Thank you for stopping by and shopping with us,
Southern Charm Woodworks
Phone: 615-538-7184

Social Media:
Check out our Website, Facebook or Instagram pages for our latest sales, promos, contests and other designs.



Facebook: southerncharmwoodwork                               
Instagram: SouthernCharmWoodworks                         

Intellectual Property
We do not authorize anyone trying to copy, or copying our design, website, graphics, names, photos, videos or any Southern Charm Woodwork's intellectual property.

The Pattern Bath Trays are our original Design. We are the original owner of our Pattern Bath Trays. These designs are copyrighted. All rights reserved, 2023.

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