Guide for Ordering one of our

Custom Command Centers

Barnwood Command Center

Step 1.

Choose the layout you would like for your Command Center:

Kitchen Command Center
Center Board

If you do not see the layout you are looking for we can make one custom for you.

up to 42" Wide and 24" High. We can also make them to stack on the wall

in more than one piece 

Double Tall

Step 2.

Choose Wood Type:

Copy of Command Center Custom Guide1 (3)
Copy of Command Center Custom Guide1 (3)

Smooth Wood Blonde

Brown Barnwood

Grey Barnwood


Wood Options
Smooth Wood Blonde
Copy of Command Center Custom Guide1 (3)
Black Stain

Smooth Wood Red

Smooth Wood White
Smooth Wood Dark Navy, the dads store, dadstore, command center, wood kitchen command center, office organization,

Smooth Wood White

Smooth Wood Brown

Smooth Wood Dark Navy

Smooth Wood Black

Smooth Wood Stained

Step 3.

Choose Board Type :

Stain Colors

New SCW  Board Types

If you have more than one area that has a board choose what ones you want in what spot Some boards can only be used in one direction. 

For the magnetic chalk boards use magnetic push pins with it and chalk markers.

For the dry erase boards use the dry erase markers.

We are now offering custom Dry Erase Boards. You can choose your Design, sayings and layout. Message us for customization. If you are adding an outside our shop board and need acrylic added that is an extra fee.

Step 4.

Choose Any Options you would like it to have (You can add more than one of any of these):

thumbnail_IMG_0840E Main dry erase.png

Mail Slots



Double Front Cubbies

Step 5.

Choose if you want any optional engraving ( ex: The Smiths ):

Blasko CC

Engraving will be in the center, unless the overall height is under 24" . It depends on the boards you choose. 

Engraving Options Command Centers

These are the locations we can put the engraving. Choose the  font you would like us to use here   Font Choices .   

We will send you a font approval before and after we cut it to make sure you are happy with it. We engrave what you put as the text. Please make sure all your punctuation and spelling is correct when you order. 

Choose Hook Color and how many hooks you would like:

Southern Charm Woodworks Hook Color.png

Step 6.

Step 7.

Jar Color:

Scw Jar Options

What to expect after you order:

Once we receive your order we will message you and confirm your order details and dimensions with a mock up. If you choose to have it engraved we send your font approval. For all other Command Centers we will send you a progress photo when we have it built before we ship it. We do ask for your approval on any custom built Command Centers before we can ship it.

How to install/ or hanging your command center:

We put D rings on the back. You can also get a wire to hang from the back if the D rings are not your preference when hanging. 

Some of the Command Centers we have done:

Here are some examples of other Command Centers we have done. 

Barnwood Command Center, Family Command Center
Finished Command Centers pg 3
Finished Command Centers 5
Finished Command Centers 7
Finished Command Centers 9
Command Centers 11
Copy of Finished Command Centers2.png
_Finished Command Centers4
Command Centers 6
Finished Command Centers 8
Finished Command Centers 10
Finished Command Centers 12
Finished Command Centers 13
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