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Guide for Ordering one of our

Custom Shaving Stands

Step 1.

Choose the size for your Shaving Stands:

Bath shelf, Bathtub shelf, Bath Tray, wood bath caddy pattern bath tray, bath shelf

Different Sizes for our Charging Stations:

Pick the size you would like.
Small, Medium, Single, Single with up-rise, Double, or Triple

Step 2.

Choose the pattern for your Charging Station:

Bath shelf, Bathtub shelf, Bath Tray, wood bath caddy pattern bath tray, bath shelf


Solid or Patterned Wood:

Choose if you would would like your charging station to be solid or have a pattern. If you select a pattern please put the pattern name in the notes at checkout. 

Solid, Stripes, Left Diagonal, Four Square, Right Diagonal, Vertical, or Patchwork
Patterned Charging Stations: Please let us know if you have color preferences in the pattern pieces. We will use a few pieces of different woods, we can do many color combinations. 
-Solid Charging Stations: For Solid charging Stations please note when checking our if you prefer a light or dark piece of wood, little grains medium grain, or wild grain.

Choose Optional Upgrade you would like to add:

Custom Wood Bath Shelf

Step 3.

Step 4.

Choose what wood tones you would like us to use:

Wood Bath Caddy

What to expect after you order:

Once we receive your order we will send you a progress photo when we have the pattern put together, and another photo before we ship the station.


We apply a shelf like liner to the back of our charging stations to help protect the wood. We can leave it off upon request.

Some of the Charging Stations we have done:

Here are some examples of other charging stations we have done. Inspiration to see how stain colors look and other pattern examples.

Custom Docking Station
Custom Docking Station
Southern Charm Woodworks Intellectial Property
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